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Zenith filters are manufactured by  Zenith Auto Industries (P) Ltd.  and our focus today is the same as it was when we were founded in 1975 , to provide our customers with premium quality filters designed to exceed their performance demands. We are proud of our nearly more than four decades of growth and innovation, and our focus on product development has made the name Zenith Filters synonymous with a rich tradition of excellence.
              Today, Zenith leads the industry in filtration product line breadth, including more than 2000 unique products numbers, offering the aftermarkets widest array of domestic and foreign nameplate oil, air, fuel, coolant, cabin air, hydraulic, and transmission filters.
              Zenith is a brand that inspires trust and it is India's Largest Filter Exporter and  Supplier by producing a complete range of filters . As an aftermarket manufacturer, we are proud to have filters for almost all types of vehicle in our range. In our online catalogue search, you can also find Zenith filter products by major CROSS REFERENCE O.E PART NUMBERS

  Zenith Filters Dedication To Quality

  • When it comes to the aftermarket, quality is everything. Fit, form and function must be as good or better than specifications set by original equipment manufacturers. Anything less is unacceptable for replacement parts that not only affect vehicle performance and longevity, but also operator and passenger safety.
  • Todays global economy, however, meeting or exceeding OEM standards for fit, form and function are no longer enough. We must also traverse the globe in search of the most competitive costs possible, while never compromising on quality.
  • Quality is built into all of our products, originating with research and development and carrying through with manufacturing best practices, quality assurance testing and on-the road performance assessments.Our engineers continuously validate quality with daily production auditing and testing in our facilities.
  • Our commitment to continual product and process improvements is affirmed by our support for internationally recognized quality certifications to provide our customers with the best quality and the most price-competitive offerings possible as we consistently maintain the same high standards for every product in our portfolio of industry-leading brands.
  • Zenith Filters are designed and manufactured in accordance to Super Quality standards, to meet the efficiency, life expectancy, vibration, impulse, and other criterias, for best quality assurance. The Zenith Filters and other products manufactured by ZENITH Group are ISO compliance companies. All the products are tested to the Various Standards and accredited laboratory With leak and pressure test.         

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